The Mind's Mask

by Earthender

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The Mind's Mask is the debut EP from Melbourne, Aus heavy groove band Earthender.


released October 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Earthender Melbourne, Australia

Lochie Keogh
Alex Bertuna
Billy Morris
Nathan Price
Rick Partridge

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Track Name: Exist
I am nothing
I am dead
I am everything that's stuck in my head
I am the definition of pure existence.
Track Name: The Constrict
I solemnly swear i've been up to no good.
Pain seeps down my brow, draped down black hood.
I solemnly swear i have done you no good.

It's becoming apparent that i'm changing again.
Thoughts are fleeing at the sight of transit
Reconnect to swiftly descend.

I tore down the fourth wall
Breaking free of any dictations.

When your ignorance fails you
And your eyes have been pried open.

I'm not better than this.
I'm not bigger than this.

The crystal doesn't seem clear anymore, my eyes blinded like never before.
Track Name: Aneurysm
A living engine
Propelling like a train of thought.
Migraines of magnitude.

I live and breathe for the peace of mind i sought.
Darksome thoughts pollute me.

A hindrance of completing my plea to eradicate what's inside of me.
Cranial aneurysms destroy all i ever wanted to be.

A mind obstructed, abducted by the black cloud, the rain of it's misery seeps into my open wounds.

A hindrance of completing my plea to eradicate what's inside of me.
Cranial aneurysms destroy all i ever wanted to be.

Wrapping itself, in unravelling my self control. Unravelling the thread of thought.
Unhinging of my fucking brain.
Track Name: Inertia
Track Name: Sinistrality
Content by the thought of a haunted abortionist.
Fixated on the thought of aborting a contortionist.
Prolonging the burning of thy holy name's non-existence.

And all i ever wanted was a good nights sleep.
In death i found what goes up must burn down into the rust and fear of those who dwell beneath me.
No rest for the wretched.
My moral standards are of nothing and amounting to shit, everything has fallen south.
I'm going to hell and i'm taking you with me.

With my hands around his throat, famished of the words he spoke.
For thou who shall sin, on thy tongue thee choke.
Track Name: The Swarm
I have always been there
But never quite in sight
In the back of your mind
Devouring your walls like a fucking parasite

Fear me, do you hear me?
Fear me, do you hear me?

I am death in the form of a man
A whisper in the shadow of a shortened life span
Fed through the lung I step away from the world I know.
God damn.

Fixed solid
You won't break me
I will set my mind to stone
And block out all uncertainty

We are weapons
Our mind's contain the venom
Our mouths the barrel, our tongues the trigger
Out heart the facility of hate.

Our lungs fuel and conduct our actions
We breathe dirt and cloud our judgements
We act on lies dealt by demon deep in cloak
Daggers, cut our throats.

Maniacal, diabolical, scrutiny.
Eyes as black as the ash of the dying sun.
I feel eternal hatred resonate through me
I am but a man, i can feel it pollute the cerebral cortex
Track Name: Earthender
Mankind withers away
Setting in motion the human disease.
Eyes fixed to stay
Churning cogs of a dying machine.

Tear me away from reality,
Let me feel transparency.
Let me breathe the air that is thicker than mud,
Let me feel empty.
I can't breathe, I can't see.

Rational vision has deteriorated, my focus is unaligned.
Sense of direction, perception, altered and re-defined.
Altered and re-defined.

A new breed has bred, a new seed has spread.
Vapid concepts in human form, moulded to disintegrate.

Now as my blood boils to the point of ignition.
Forget these placid veins, rust into extinction.

I've felt the acid rain deteriorate my temper,
All hail the unlord, all hail the Earthender.

I am void of all consciousness, changes resonate.
If you believe in heaven, you're already in hell.
Track Name: Aftermath